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Lateral Sinus Augmentation Course

Oct 11 & 12
16 CE, Tuition $7500
Reserve your spot for $500

Pay the remaining balance on a 3-month payment plan starting in July

This specialized course is tailored for dentists who have integrated dental implant procedures into their practice and aspire to enhance their clinical expertise by incorporating maxillary sinus grafting techniques. Designed to cater to professionals seeking to expand their skillset, the program focuses on equipping participants with the knowledge and proficiency required for successful maxillary sinus grafting procedures, particularly in cases where patients exhibit deficient bone structure. Elevate your dental practice by enrolling in this comprehensive course and mastering the intricacies of maxillary sinus grafting.

You'll take the following skillsets back to your practice

Best practices to achieve predictable outcomes 

Understanding the indications, guidelines, and protocols for sinus bone grafting with a lateral approach

Case selection for sinus augmentations using CBCT

Treatment planning utilizing CBCT

Pre-medications and pharmacology to minimize complications

Flap design, bone augmentation, and reflecting the membrane

Complication management, including perforated sinus membrane

Post-Op care

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