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Implant Rockstars 



This continuum will take you through basic implant placement of “green light” cases that you will learn at our facility, on live patients, and then take back to your practice for immediate implementation.  This course is designed to train you on live patients, and then give you the time you need to practice and hone your skills between session 1 and session 2.  You will get the experience in your office, with your own patients (and revenue), and have our mentorship team of experts as a remote resource to assist in planning cases and handling any complications that arise.  Then, you will return to our facility to grow your knowledge and surgical skills to more advanced cases that will allow you to keep most implant opportunities in your office following the completion of this course.  We offer a post-graduate, in-person mentor for those that prefer to have more supervision in their own practice after graduation (*additional fees apply). 

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Working at the Office



Video Conferencing/modules/online learning:


Dental and Medical History

History of Implant Design

Anatomical landmarks

Variations in Bone quality

Atraumatic Extraction Techniques

Socket Grafting

Grafting for Implants

Implant treatment rationale

Pharmacological Considerations and Contraindications

Fitting the site with Implant Size

Treatment planning with CBCT

Treatment Planning, Crown Down

Presenting Treatment Options

Anesthetizing Patient

Implant Surgical Kit Steps

Full site prep vs under prepping

Determining angle and location for implant placement


Restorative options

Documentation Guidelines

Surgical Suite Set Up

Post Operative Follow-Up

Pricing Dental Implants

Billing for Dental Implants

Insurance Plans for Dental Implants

Training your Implant Support Team

Pharmacology post Op                                     

Common Complications

Choosing your first 3 patients, site selection 

Close-up shot of attentive doctors performing surgical operation installing dental implant







Green Light Implants 

In-person session combining lecture, hands-on

and live patient surgery for successful

placement of “green light” cases and

 Over-Denture Cases

Day 1:

In-person lecture designed to prepare you to

place implants upon return to your practice

  • Grafting for Implants, hands-on

  • Incision and flap design, hands-on

  • Implant Placement, hands-on

  • Alveoloplasty for Over-Denture

  • Over-denture Placement Techniques

  • Interpreting CBCT for Implant Placement

  • Suturing techniques, Hands-On

  • ISQ Application

  • Surgical Hurdles day of surgery

  • Post-Op Complications

Day 2:

Live Surgical Day

  • CBCT Planning Session

  • Anesthetizing Patient

  • Incision and Flapping

  • Alveoplasty, case dependent

  • Surgical Kit review

  • Pilot Hole Placement

  • Assessment of bone quality

  • Parallel pin placement and pan for angle/location precision

  • Site preparation for primary stability

  • Place 2-4 Implants

  • Bone grafting and membrane placement,

  • Suturing

  • Post-Op Care



Building on the concepts practiced in session 2

and graduating to Immediate Implant Placement, Anterior Implant Placement, Advanced OverDenture Cases.  In-person session combining lecture, hands-on and live patient surgery 

Day 1:

In-person lecture designed to prepare you to

place advanced implants upon return to your practice 

  • Importance of Atraumatic Extraction  

  • Immediate Implant Placement Techniques for success 

  • Grafting and preparing a site without bony  walls intact 

  • Anterior Implant Placement

  • Alveoloplasty for Advanced Over-Denture cases

  • Crestal Sinus Lift Techniques and tools

  • Surgical Hurdles day of surgery

  • Post-Op Complications

Day 2:

Live Surgical Day

  • CBCT Planning Session 

  • Advanced Alveoplasty, case dependent

  • Place 2-4 Immediate Implants, Advanced Overdenture case

  • Bone grafting and membrane placement, case dependent 

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