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Focusing on Immediate Implant Placement, Anterior Implant Placement, Crestal Sinus Lifts, Advanced OverDenture Cases.  In-person session combining lecture, hands-on and live patient surgery 

Day 1:

In-person lecture designed to prepare you to

place advanced implants upon return to your practice 

  • Importance of Atraumatic Extraction  

  • Immediate Implant Placement Techniques for success 

  • Grafting and preparing a site without bony  walls intact 

  • Anterior Implant Placement

  • Alveoloplasty for Advanced Over-Denture cases

  • Crestal Sinus Lift Techniques and tools

  • Surgical Hurdles day of surgery

  • Post-Op Complications

Day 2:

Live Surgical Day

  • CBCT Planning Session 

  • Advanced Alveoplasty, case dependent

  • Place 2-4 Immediate Implants, Advanced Overdenture case, including a crestal sinus.      lift (bump) 

  • Bone grafting and membrane placement, case dependent 

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